Conservation Management Plans

Conservation management plans can be carried out for any heritage site ranging from designed parks and landscapes, railway lines, historic buildings and structures and prehistoric buried landscapes. They are often a requirement of heritage lottery funding, although they are also an excellent way to help managers look after their historic places. Our approach explores how a site evolved over time and outlines what is special about it. We then identify what makes a site vulnerable and how this can best be resolved with a series of management actions and associated costs (if required). In order to identify any conflicts with other conservation disciplines, we use our respected associates covering ecology, marine biology, conservation engineering, architecture and landscape architecture. This ensures that any recommendations we make to conserve the special interest of heritage assets do not inadvertently damage wildlife or trees and can also benefit from specialist advice on condition and structural soundness where required.

Examples of our conservation management plans can be seen below or in our online library

  • South Tyne Railway Alston to Slaggyford


Ormesby Hall Parkland, Middlesbrough (3 vols)

Carrock Fell, Lake District (2 vols)


Coniston Copper Mine, Lake District (2 vols)


Penny Rigg, Lake District (2 vols)

  • Penny Rigg CMP appendices
  • Penny Rigg CMP report