Historic Landscape Characterisation

Britain’s landscapes form an historic backdrop to every-day urban and rural life. We at Archaeo-Environment are specialists in interpreting and characterising our historic landscape and in understanding the impact of modern land-use and development on this fragile resource, providing management schemes to protect and conserve our landscapes into the future.

Whether you seek to review landscape designations, manage estates, assess the impact of major proposals (such as wind farms) or simply need advice for agri-environment schemes, Archaeo-Environment has proven expertise in understanding the countryside around us. Our work has covered a wide range of different periods including prehistoric ritual landscapes, community woodlands, urban parks, landscape gardens and parklands and former industrial sites. We offer:

  • Full Historic Landscape Characterisation to help you understand those processes of change which have already taken place and to assess the significance and value of a landscape, and the impact of any future or predicted change.
  • Management guidelines to help conserve what is significant.
  • Full interpretation options, costed and sourced as required, including leaflets, guided walks, interpretation panels, path furniture, books and virtual reality presentations. All of these help to bring an appreciation of our historic landscapes to a wider audience, including those with mobility difficulties.